Who am I to you?

Identities, permissions, accesses, oh, my!





Wolfram is a computational ecosystem that provides, among other things,a Wolfram Problem Generator with unlimited random practice problems and answers.Wolfram Problem Generator

This is a little bit of a personal disappointment since I had hoped to produce a very similar thing myself in my retirement. I have turned this part of my attention to exploiting the whole Wolfram environment to add computing power and tabulated information to other initiatives.

Wolfram Research was founded in 1987 by Stephen Wolfram. The whole background is available at http://www.wolfram.com/company/. Their flagship product Mathematica has long been familiar and respected by researchers and applied modelers. Since 2009 Wolfram Alpha has added an impressive capability for retrieval and visualization of computational resource data.

Capture-Avoidance Behaviors

Herding happens.

Sometimes you’re the shepherd and sometimes you’re the sheep, but in any case sheep are offered extra care and feeding in return for staying inside an enclosure.  The shepherds seek some sort of gain from their herd; the sheep hope to survive the experience.

We ought to be able to have sensible conversations about mutual benefits and trust relationships. Are such conversations already going on? Where?

Herders are swarming the market for mobile apps. On my Samsung Android phone with Verizon service there are four sources of apps: Google, Samsung, Verizon and Google. On my iPad, with the same Verizon service, Apple is more firmly in charge of the App supply. The Apple ecosystem is at the centralized end of the spectrum for App control. Other App providers attempt limits and controls around App purchasing. such as Samsung Hub and Amazon Appstore.

Herders interfere with one another. Everyone wants to be at the top of the food/payment chain.

How does the sheep recognize and/or negotiate a fair deal?